write.no.fear I appreciate this advice for getting started on an idea, and for working through its early stages. And there is a time when my ruthless inner editor, Cruella, must be called forth. But it is way more complicated than  a two-part process for me. When I get to later drafts, oftentimes the writing and the editing become intertwined. This has become more evident to me as I work through this novel manuscript. I saw it when I was a full-time writing teacher, too. We tend to want to simplify this process for students and say, “Ok first write a draft. Then edit.”  Not so simple. Yes, write like the blazes when you are getting the idea thrashed out, but understand that revising, editing, polishing are often about finesse and being willing to loop in and out at different stages of the process. There is a finished piece out there somewhere if you’re willing to work through it. I’m convinced.

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