poem.plant.april2020   I  planted  my poem “Contact Tracing” on one of our favorite hiking trails this week. Paper, no plastic involved, so maybe the wind will blow it away, or better yet, the fox will get it. This was in response to an invitation from New Mexico poet Miriam Sagan and Bill Waters of Poetry in Public Places to participate in a Poetry Pop-up Party.

Contact Tracing

The hawk rides the thermals

above the sandy trail

where a horned toad bakes in the spring sunshine

under the blooming yucca cactus

across the trail from the red globe mallow in bloom.

A bit farther down, paw prints from the fox.

When your boot crunches on the trail

between the yucca and the globe mallow

next to the fox prints,

you have touched the hawk,

so soar and play in the high breeze

on this bright blue April day.




2 thoughts on “Planting a Poem for Earth Day

  1. Hi Vicki,

    Neat poem. I love to see horned toads in the sunshine.

    I won’t be on the Zoom meeting today. Jim is going out to look for raptor nests, so I’m glad to get out for a ride. Hope it goes well.

    Take care,

    Vicky Ramakka Aztec, New Mexico “Older women have the experience and maturity to offer the greatest service and skills to society of any segment of our population. They are at the peak of their promise. …Since we are the natural care-takers in this world, I feel the greatest good that women can do is help the environmental movement.” Anne LaBastille, Woodswoman III


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