We’ve been walking by this rock almost every day for a while now. Last week, I decided it looked familiar. Bronze and stone sculptures shaped like big eggs, sometimes with cracks in them. Hmm.  Brancusi! The Romanian sculptor made a big impression on me when I saw an exhibit of his work at the Chicago Art Institute when I was a teenager. Brancusi appears to be with me still, even across decades and many miles. I was young and falling in love with art. Something in those sculptures mesmerized me. Now here he is again, on a high desert trail reaching out to me. What’s the message?  Maybe–get back to your writing work. You’re burning daylight.


2 thoughts on “Brancusi and Me

  1. I think that is a good message from the rock. If you are seeing this rock, just a rock, an ordinary rock, as art, then your imagination is working well enough to be writing fiction, all right. 😋

    Vicky Ramakka Aztec, New Mexico You cannot perceive beauty but with a serene mind. Henry David Thoreau


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